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Afya Backbone

Afya BackBone‘ – a Complete Healthcare Management Software Suite scalable from primary care to tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals. Afya BackBone is a patient-centric application integrated with the management information that modern hospitals require. With over 25 modules, hospital administrators can opt for the modules that would optimize the performance of their hospital. BackBone is tightly integrated with security features making it HIPAA and HL7 Compliant.

Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) tagged with ICD Codes reduces the time and increases the accuracy needed to process Insurance Claims. The Investigation areas module (Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Radiology, and Cardiology) consists of pre-built templates that are readily useable. Afya BackBone comes with alerts on patient safety reducing medical errors while ordering.


  • Access your Patient Records from anywhere.
  • Compliant with HIPAA Security Standards.
  • HL7 Compliant.
  • Compatible with Barcodes
  • Compatible with Biometrics
  • Compatible with PACS.
  • Integrated with SMS Gateway to report Abnormal Values to Physicians.
  • Compatible with Handwriting Recognition Software.
  • Voice Recognition – 3rd
  • Graphical Representation.
  • CPOE &  e- prescription
  1. Hospital Information System
  2. Mobile Dashboard – BI for CXO
  3. Electronic Medical Records
  4. Doctors/Patients- Mobile App
  5. Telemedicine
  6. Digital Medical Record Solution


  1. Afya Backbone has a strong customer base of more than 150 Installations in India, United Arabs Emirates, Middle East and in rest of the world.
  2. Afya BackBone runs for more than 8 years in 50 + Clients.


We follow ISO standards when it comes to:

  • Security aspects of the application
  • Coding standards
  • SOPs
  • Documentation
  • and change management process


We also follow:

  • Role based authentication
  • 2 Factor authoring
  • Maker Checker trails
  • Audit trails for every edit in the application
  • Project Charter based implementation etc

Our HIS application is HIPAA complaint for more than 12 years and we follow utmost care in maintaining the data confidentiality in the application.  Our backend data is fully encrypted.

Also we are fully HL7 Compliant and that means we support all the integration protocols – be it PACS/RIS, Lab Interfaces or any other 3rd party systems.

How does BACKBONE help you?

  • Paperless Office.
  • Keep Track of your Schedules.
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Internal Messaging System.
  • Decision Support Knowledge Base.
  • Complete History of your Patient in a Click.
  • Pre-Built Templates – LIS, RIS & Physical Exams.
  • Electronic Ordering
  • Electronic Prescriptions.

Afya Backbone Health Management Information System • BackBone covers various Clinical, financial & Operational aspects.• Support ICD - 10 CM ,ICD - 09 & CPT Codes• Equipped with Insurance Module• Electronic Medical Records • Flexible Scheduling

About Afya Backbone HMIS

We believe that the benefits of software designed thoughtfully and purposefully can effectively address the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Afya Backbone’s Information Technology solutions in healthcare can help provide enhanced care to patients while conforming to present and emerging standards and regulations and ensuring seamless integration within the various divisions of healthcare. Finally, we firmly believe these solutions have a critical social relevance for patients by providing accurate monitoring and compliance with best procedures and practices.

Our team is comprised of people who bridge both fields of information technology and healthcare. The company is deeply committed to its goals of providing applications that enhance patient safety, automate revenue cycles, secure patient information, manage scheduling, and improve financial management.

The company also offers software for other health care companies such as blood banks, labs, and pharmacies as well as for companies involved in practice management, and long-term care providers.