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Lab Module


  • eGFR Value for the Result
  • SI Units displayed in Lab report print (i.e., Conversion Factor)
  • Delta Check Value with Period definable in the master
  • Option to tag the procedure to an equipment in the master
  • Approval Required Option for a procedure definable in the master
  • Option to define investigation that are sent out for processing
  • Option to flag procedures that are part of accreditation program
  • Culture Report Revamped as per the guidelines.
  • Option to collect the Sample Type at the ward ordering screen
  • Digital Signature against the Department Head in the Patient Report
  • Department Receive Entry Option to clock the sample received time
  • Amendment of Lab Results after approval – Log of the previous result shown when viewing the result
  • Matrix Report to show the progress of the patient between date ranges
  • Footer – End of Report- revamped as per NABH Guidelines
  • Doctors Name with Designation and Qualification displayed below the digital signature. Control option can be decided whether required.
  • Entered by and Verified by  entry in the Lab Result Print out
  • Option to classify Abnormal values and Critical Values for Numerical Values
  • SMS Alerts for Critical Values in case of Numerical Values. In case of Descriptive values, Culture reports, pathology reports – Text area and flagging given for the Technician to alert Ordering Doctor
  • Pathology Result entry – Multi template option and Digital Sign approve
  • Lab Request print – Laser format
  • Nursing station Sample collection
  • Footer text – Provisional Report – Final report option
  • Barcode Printer support – DMX, Zebra TLP, Zebra GC420t ,TVS LP44BU
  • Result Entry in Ward (Glucometer test)
  • Test Methodology Displayed in Lap report
  • Attachment view option in Lab result history report.